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Search Types

Coverage Area

SearchQuest, Inc. will tailor your title search report to your company's needs. A title search contains information obtained at the county courthouse regarding ownership of the property in question. A condensed history of the property will be given in chain form with a title examination report to locate defects in the title that could later impair the ownership or use of the property. No formal Title Opinion is given.

One Owner

A search of the land records of the subject property from the date the current owner first acquired the property to present day. The report will include a copy of the deed, including full legal description, real estate taxes, all open deeds of trust, judgments, tax liens, UCC's, outsales, and any other matters affecting the property.

Three Owner

Same report as above, but extending the search period through three owners of the subject property.

Full Title Search

Required for all searches resulting in issuance of title insurance. A report for a prescribed number of years, as assigned, to gather information for examiner to determine whether title is marketable and contains exceptions to be shown on Schedule B.


An update, within 30 days, of a search previously completed by SearchQuest. Updates over 30 days are considered One Owner searches. We do NOT update other searcher's work!

Mortgage Filings

Update of search previously completed by SearchQuest and the immediate recording of documents received.


At your request, a Final will be furnished on all searches completed by SearchQuest. A Final will include copies of the new documents you recorded at closing. Any work performed after a Final will be considered a One Owner search.