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SearchQuest, Inc. President Debi R. Merrill, is a graduate of the Institute of Paralegals in Philadelphia, PA with a degree in real estate. With over 25 years' experience in real estate law, banking and real estate title abstraction, Merrill has built an excellent reputation for good work with a great eye for detail and organization. Merrill's experience includes closing loans, developing real estate forms, selling real estate, and performing real estate title searches. SearchQuest, Inc. is dedicated to giving your company prompt, reliable and professional service.

Statement of Purpose

SearchQuest, Inc. was created to meet the demands of some of the nation's largest finance companies, mortgage banks, title insurance companies, attorneys and others. We are a network of independent title searchers which enables us to adequately cover most Tennessee counties and get your quality search back to you in a FLASH.

SearchQuest, Inc. is willing to use your company's form or our own search report to complete the search within the timeframe and search parameters you provide. We invoice monthly for work completed the previous month.

Information Request

SearchQuest, Inc. will tailor your title search to your company's needs. A title search contains information obtained at the county courthouse regarding ownership of the property in question. A condensed history of the property will be given in chain form with a title examination report to locate defects in the title that could later impair the ownership or use of the property. No formal title opinion is given.